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Hershey Hot Cocoa

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Destination:  Hershey, Pennsylvania

Scent:  Creamy milk chocolate, sweet

Description:  The sweetest place on earth happens to be the slogan for Hershey, Pennsylvania.  For anyone who has ever cruised down Main Street Hershey seeing the Hershey Kiss decorated street lamps, the unmistakable aroma of chocolate wafts through the air this scented candle nails it!   This cocoa aroma often makes people crave chocolate.  Chocolate fans tend to buy this scent during winter months as well as Valentines Day but let's face it chocolate is great any time of year, not to mention those who love reliving fun times visiting Hershey Park and their famous chocolate tour too.  

Burn time on candles:  4 oz - 12 hours, 12 oz - 40 hours, 27 oz - 80 hours.