Start carrying our scented products for your brick and mortar gift shop and become a wholesale buyer with us!

  Blueberry merchandising display  

 Customers are drawn to our products because they are:

  1. Affordable
  2. All products are hand made and candles are hand poured in small batches
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Stylish
  5. Bold scents with a travel themed scents yet can fit seasonal themes too!
  6. Private label available

    This equals a great profitable opportunity to those thinking about carrying our products.   Want to access our wholesale prices and start ordering?   Create a wholesale account profile by clicking on the hyper link below  so you can start ordering right from this website.  On faire.com?  We are too!  (Note:  if you want private label, Faire.com does not allow this and you would need to order via this website.  


    Terms and conditions:

    • Opening minimum orders are now $150 through the end of 2020.  
    • Ask about tea light scent samples.
    • We only work with brick and mortar gift shops and boutiques and said shops that have an e-commerce website as well as subscription box companies.  We do not wholesale to online retailers.
    • We offer free delivery for shops located within 50 miles of Baltimore, MD!
    • Ask about private label and custom candle!  For more info click HERE.
    • Shipping costs are calculated and then billed at the time orders are fulfilled. (Expect the shipping of an average size orders to range between $30.00-50.00 for multiple dozens of candles.)

    Click to create your ===>  wholesale account <===  now!

    Click the image below to access our free e-article on how to best promote candles and other gift items in your shop!