Custom/Private Label

Destinations Scented Candles is your one stop shop for creating unique candles and scented gifts.

Whether you are looking for wedding favors, private label candles for a gift shop, or corporate gifts, we can help!   Destinations Scented Candles is known for our hand poured candles and best described as a scented adventure pairing aromas with popular travel destinations.  With private labeling Destinations Scented Candles can open the door to help make your special event or business memorable.


  The process is simple.  Start by using the form below.  Here's some steps to get started: 

  1. Chose a product ( candle, room spray or wax tart).
  2. Choose a fragrance.  Choose from fragrances we already offer or something you have unique in mind.  Not sure what fragrance?  Leave the space blank or try to describe the aroma you want to achieve such as "masculine" or "spa like".  
  3. Pick a color.  Choose from a color of candle we already offer, consider a pantone color sample, or share a logo and we'll do our best to match your logo color.  
  4. Pick a name.  A scent name will help tie the fragrance to your event or business branding.  Some examples could be "Katie and Brad's Wedding Cake" for a wedding favor or "Main Street Bakery Famous Apple Pie" offering candles and room sprays for souvenirs to a local Harvest Festival Event.
  5. Design the label.  Simply state the message you want for line one and two of your label - this could be your business name, wedding date, or event name as your first line.  The second like could be a website, phone number or contact name. Lastly, upload your logo or photo - this needs to be at least 300 dpi and a huge photo with the subject matter centered in the photo.  That's it!

See the example below...

    There is a one-time $25 graphics fee to set up private labels and $3.00 fee per scent samples - which come in the form of 4 packaged tea lights - if you want a custom scent.  The process from start to finish, filling out the form to shipping the order, takes 2-3 weeks (more time may be needed during the holidays).  Once we receive your input we'll contact you to give you a reasonable price quote and answer any questions you may have within 1 business day.  Have additional questions, email us at !