Destinations Scented Candles Mission:  to create a unique brand of scented candles that captures the essence of popular travel destinations so everyone can relive fond memories of fun vacations to hometown locales with just one whiff without sacrificing quality.  Have you noticed the quality of candles available today?  So many candle lovers are left with candles that leave behind soot stains on walls, aromas that seem fake or chemical-like, some candles that tunnel down the center leaving wasted wax and money behind, or the scent fades before it is halfway burned.  


Destinations Scented Candles, through years of research, solved these issues by:

  1. Making our candles by hand in small batches which equals better quality control results.  The result is consistent looking and performing candles leaving our customers truly satisfied.  
  2. Additionally, Destinations Scented Candles uses the best in high quality raw materials.  We have found candles with eco friendly materials yielding a far more superior candle performance.  This is why we use 100% palm wax, that is sustainably sourced from certified palm oil plantations in Malaysia who are members under the Roundtable For Sustainable Palm Oil, 100% cotton core wicks, and high grade fragrance oils in our candles. 

With over tens of thousands of candles sold over the span of 11 years since we've been in business we invite you to browse our Catalog and see for yourself and experience the difference.


100% Satisfaction Gauranteed

Here at Destination Scented Candles we stand by our brand. If you are ever unhappy with your purchase we'll replace it free of charge or give you a full refund.

Formally known as By the Bay Botanicals

By the Bay Botanicals was established in 2008, but in 2019 we decided to change our name to Destinations Scented Candles in a re-branding effort to show show our candles are best known for our destination scented candles.  

The REAL truth behind palm wax and why we use it

Grown on plantations

Picture coconuts growing in a palm tree. Just like coconuts, palm oil comes from palm trees too and these trees are grown in tropical locations on plantations.  Our wax is sourced from sustainable palm oil producers in Malaysia that are members of the (RSPO - Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil).  These plantations are on designated agricultural land that were once deforested areas where exotic trees once grew but torn down to create rubber and furniture, but palm oil trees are now recreating natural rainforests again.

Very Eco-friendly

No harm comes to the palm trees  because only the fruit is needed to be harvest get the palm oil.  This means the trees grow for 25+ years or more.  Only steam, pressing and centrifuges are used to extract palm oil from the fruit kernels unlike with other oils, where hexanes and other harsh chemicals are needed in the refining process. Also, much of the palm husks and other byproducts left over from the milling and refining process are turned into mulch and paper products.

Conservation Funds help the endangered species

The RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) in Malaysia works with the WWF and has created funds like the Borneo Orangutans Survival Foundation.  The foundation promotes conservation and protection of orangutans through sustainable management of wild orangutan habitat, release areas and orangutan sanctuaries, and involves the community and stakeholder participation in conservation efforts.  


To learn more about palm wax

Start by going reputable sources that share statistics, research and news. One of those places is the Round Table Sustainable Palm Oil organization, or RSPO website.

Visit the RSPO website now