Alaska Aurora Night Sky scented candles, room sprays and wax tarts
Alaska Aurora Night sky set of 3 scented candles. Alaska candles.  purple candles
Alaska Aurora Night Sky room spray.  Alaska room spray
Alaska Aurora Night Sky wax tarts.  Alaksa wax melts
Alaska Aurora Borealis candle label

Alaska Aurora Night Sky

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Destination:  Alaska

Scent:  Bright and bold - lavender and spearmint

Description:  Alaska speaks to the explorer inside of us.   Picture the pristine scenery, wildlife, and Native American culture. Now you can experience Alaska in a whole new way - through our bright scented candle which smells like crisp snow! One thing that tourists and native Alaskans enjoy the most is the ability to watch the Aurora Borealis - which inspired this scent.  The frigid cold that comes with Alaska's climate, like a tickle of ones nose or frigid temperatures that can take ones breath away, is truly ever present with the bold aroma of lavender and mint creating a brilliant wintery scent.  For those who love Alaska, hope to visit there some day, or just love the aroma of lavender - this candle scent is for your     

Burn time on candles:  4 oz - 12 hours, 12 oz - 40 hours, 27 oz - 80 hours.

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