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Pennsylvania Frosted Pinecones
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Frosty branch of pinecones and snowy pine needles

Pennsylvania Frosted Pinecones

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Destination:  Pennsylvania
Scent:  Blue Spruce, Pine, campfire, frosty, masculine
Description:  Pennsylvania has great fall foliage, fishing in a serene lakes or along the Susquehanna, great adventuring opportunities in the Poconos, or visiting the Amish community in Lancaster - there is so much to do and see!  Our inspiration for this scented candle comes from the owners personal attachment to Pennsylvania where many of her relatives call it home and visiting her family's lakeside cabin during the summer months fishing and taking up crafts like making pinecone wreaths.  The aroma of a sappy pinecone is one that evokes memories of both family, the holidays, hiking forest trails, and fond family vacations in Pennsylvania.  This wonderful Christmas scent is great year around for outdoor lovers as well as a Christmas gift for friends and family

Burn time on candles:  4 oz - 12 hours, 12 oz - 40 hours, 27 oz - 80 hours.

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