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Baltimore Berry Blush

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Destination:  Baltimore, Maryland

Scent:  Mixed berries, blush wine, sweet, dreamy

Description:  Baltimore has the nickname "Charm City" and happens to be where our company hails from!  Baltimore is rich in history being the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner, great places to see such as the National Aquarium and many cultural museums and then there is the food, sports teams, and festivals that draws millions of tourists each year.  The inspiration for this candle, with the amazing aroma of berry blush wine, comes from a thriving wine industry that is growing and growing strong over the past 30 years.  Restaurants, local wineries, and wine festivals featuring unique wines best symbolizes the melting pot of culture and tastes that makes up Baltimore.  Baltimore Berry Blush is a company favorite as well as those who love to entertain and attend wine tastings or seek an upgrade from traditional spring and summer scented candles.  

Burn time on candles:  4 oz - 12 hours, 12 oz - 40 hours, 27 oz - 80 hours.

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