Welcome to 2021 - year end recap and what to look forward to from Destinations Scented Candles

Hello 2021!  

First off, thanks so much for helping us navigate through 2020 in supporting our little business called Destinations Scented Candles!  It means a lot to us that you chose our candles and other products for your gift giving needs!  As we put 2020 to bed, here's a look back at some of what happened at Destinations Scented Candles and what to look forward to in the coming months of 2021!

Looking back...

  1. The main show we did before the lockdown with COVID was the Made in Maryland Expo held early March of 2020.  It was a fantastic event featuring all things made in Maryland - from wine and spirits to cream of crab soups to our candles, jewelry, dog treats and so much more.  The best part is it was the best show we ever did in all the 12 years we have been in business from the organization with the promoters in setting up, to meeting so many people interested in supporting buying local resulting in phenomenal sales - it was fabulous!
  2. The Carroll County Farms Market is a godsend!  Located in Westminster and held at the Carroll County Ag Center - the show went on there as it was considered an essential business by our governor once the pandemic hit.  We were thankful to be able to sell our candles and other goods at this weekly event held on Saturdays from 8-1, thankful to all the people involved in running it, especially in developing safe protocols and keeping everyone safe, and all the vendors I worked along side with who feel like a second family to us!
  3. Back in April of 2020 we developed our own brand of antibacterial hand gel!  What set our apart was the fact that ours had added moisturizers that do not dry out hand, but gives added vitamins and aloe to aid in good healthy hands as well as having the ability to make them scented.  No more potent alcohol smelling basic stuff from the stores.  This too was a hit that we added a seasonal line of fall and winter scents.
  4. Until October the company had been lucky to not be too affected by the pandemic but that luck changed close to Halloween.  Many business at this time were seeing the effects of how when manufacturing is down, kinks and in the supply chain occurred.  For us it is the jars we use for our candles.  For two weeks we were with out jars until we were able to order as much as we could from one other supplier but then that distributor ran dry come December.  We have decided to just wait until the jars come back - which will happen, we just do not know when as much of this will be determined on how well and fast we as a country fair through COVID-19.  

Looking to the future...

  1. By the end of January, the company will be rolling out 3 new scents for the spring and summer in the antibacterial hand gel line.  Those scents are cucumber melon, peach sangria, and coconut lime.
  2. Events are taking a back seat.  For now there aren't any planned events like art and craft shows or spring festivals going on in our area so for now Destinations Scented Candles will not be at any events until restrictions are lifted.
  3. Making of our candles are grounded until suppliers are able to get back to manufacturing of glass jars.  Sure we could try another jar type but we did this last year and the massive amount of time it takes to test, create new labels, and take photos of all the products we make all over again does not make good business sense right now especially if this situation is temporary.  Also there is no guarantee that the new jars we go with won't be discontinued/out of stock as well.  
  4. Wax tart sales are going strong.  We have been making wax tarts/melts since 2015 and still making them today.  Wax tarts a nice alternative to candles as they do not require a flame to burn, just a wax tart warmer.  All of our own wax melts are packaged in a clear box with 6 melts per box for a reasonable price.  Wax melt warmers, if you are trying to find a few, can be found online via candlewarmers.com or at Amazon, Walmart, Scentsy, Cracker Barrel, etc.  
  5. Think of us for upcoming holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day!  

While more will develop as Spring approaches, you can catch more info about what we are doing here on our blog or via our Facebook Page, Instagram and monthly newsletters.  

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