Travel themed candles and creativity can help get you through quarantining due to the Corona Virus

Combat the corona virus cabin fever blues with staycation ideas using travel themed candles from Destinations Scented Candles.

 As we are one week into this self distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the question you may have is NOW WHAT?!  What can I do now?  Try this!  Create a little staycation at home using any number of candles from Destinations Scented Candles.

The destination themed candles this company offers is endless and with a little imagination, anyone can create a escape in ones home at any time.  Here's a few ideas...

1.  Create a Tropical Oasis.

  • Grab a Maui Pineapple Plantation, Ocean City Boardwalk Memories, or Bali Beach Bungalow candle and create a beach or Hawaiian like workspace or vacation at home.  
  • While the scent will help transport you to a tropical oasis, consider including the other senses too.  
  • For taste, make teriyaki chicken for dinner, pineapple smoothies, or make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.  
  • For sounds, break out beach sounds on cd or put on a Hawaiian playlist on Spotify.  
  • Movies like "50 First Dates" or "Blue Crush" on Netflix or in your dvd library can help with the visual aspect.  
  • Add another level to this by taking the time to learn a bit about Hawaii, Tahiti or whatever your destination happens to be exploring online magazines, tourism websites, Travel and Leisure website, and/or tie in a geography/history lesson for kiddos home from school looking for something extra to do.  

Maui Pineapple candle from Destinations Scented Candles

2.  Re-create the Great Outdoors.

3.  Explore New England at Home

  • From lighthouses to apples, there are great examples of scented candles that are New England themed like New England Lighthouse Getaway, New York Apple Orchard and Vermont Maple Syrup.  
  • To explore New England, think about all the full day of activities you can try.  For this escape support a small business that sells maple syrup and make pancakes with apples and cinnamon.  
  • Listen to a few sea shanty tunes via spotify and virtually explore various New England lighthouses online.
  • Watch a movie about lighthouses or New England like the horror/drama "The Lighthouse (2019)" or "Good Will Hunting" ("how do you like them apples?")
  • Read a book/blog about New England.  

When it comes to figuring out which place to "go to first", figure out if your first destination is for a  date night activity, a fun afternoon activity with the kids or a way to just relax by yourself.  Think outside the box when it comes to planning the staycation - like perhaps dressing the part - wearing Hawaiian shirts or flannel shirts and cargo pants if doing an outdoor themed staycation.    While it seems hard and quite challenging to stay positive during these uncertain times, perhaps just one day escaping it all can  brighten your days spent at home, get creative juices flowing, and challenge your brain by learning something new.  Who knows perhaps the time used in creating staycations can help spark items to add ones bucket list and visit some of these places when the self quarantine lifts.  Stay well, safe, be find to others!

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