Top 5 Mother's Day Scented Candles

Celebrating Mother's Day with finding just the right gift can be stressful.  The superwoman, that is mom, grandma or others who are like a mom, have done so much for us, but to choose the right gift is hard because mom's can be picky, budgets are tight, and they never even share ideas on what can help them better relax and unwind on their special day.  That is where Destinations Scented Candles comes in to help save the gift giving day!  Next to greeting cards, the most gifted item to family and friends on holidays are scented candles, according to the National Candle Association.  And here at Destinations Scented Candles, we have compiled our top 5 best sellers that will surly please mom.  


Top 5 Mother's Day Scented Candles

1.  Napa Valley Fruity Merlot - Sometimes momma needs her wine and a perfect candle to match that need is the Napa Valley scented candle.  Not too sweet, yet bold and relaxing, just like the real thing.  

2.  Carolina Clean Sheets - The expectations of having a clean house that passes the "white glove test" is over rated, but the aroma of fresh clean linens - never!  This is why mom's tend to reach for this scented candle as it makes the house smell fresh and clean even if it still needs some TLC.

3.  Jamaica Rum Punch - Sometime mom's need an escape and with this fruity, tropical scented candle, inspired by the gorgeous sandy beaches and tropical cocktails of Jamaica, is the ticket.  It's like bring a paradise vacation to mom without the fuss.

4.  Key West Key Lime Pie - Both zesty and clean and refreshing, mom's love the aroma of citrus scents and the idea of vacationing in Key West.  Give her the best of all worlds with they true to life Key West Key Lime Pie scented candle.

Key West Key Lime Pie scented candle

5. Sacramento Black Cherry Soda - Mom's cannot resist the aromas of nostalgic scents, scents that remind them of their childhood or when you were a child and she raised you, and this is a goodie.  One of those most popular aromas, from Destinations Scented Candles is the Sacramento Black Cherry Soda scented candle.  While some say it reminds them of black cherry snowballs, others exclaim how much it smells just like a fizzy cherry soda they loved as a kid.  Surprise mom with this fun scent she will love all year long!


While there are more scented candles mom's love that didn't make the cut like Louisville Victorian Lilac and Barcelona Berry Sangria, you are encouraged to browse all the 40 + scents offered at Destinations Scented Candles.  Leave a comment on what you believe is the best Mother's Day scent ever below in the comment section!  


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