The Next Big Things to expect in 2020 from Destinations Scented Candles

Warm greetings and Happy New Year everyone!  

This 2020 has started off with a bang and it is full steam ahead regarding plans we can't wait to start implementing.  So this blog post is all about what plans we have been working on and what you can expect to see from Destinations Scented Candles this 2020.


Just like most who start of the new year with resolutions, small businesses also take the time to create goals and resolutions too.  Every January Destinations Scented Gifts  takes some time to reflect on everything that happened the previous year - albeit what scents sold well or which shows proved to be most profitable to better predicting when unforeseen expenses come up.  

What we know...  

  • While the Carroll County Farmers Market is a great place to sell handmade items and do great grocery shopping with locally grown produce, Destinations Scented Candles will be doing less events at the market.  However expect to see us at a number of handcrafted specific art and craft shows in various locations across Maryland.  We are excited to to get in front of new faces to create new fans and better the chances of earning a profit.
  • People love that we do private label candles - this is evident with those whom we have created wedding favors and unique candle lines for their gift shop, but did you know we offer private label candles?  It is evident to us that we could be doing more to promote that we do offer private label candles.   We are really excited to work with more corporate entities and non-profits creating great swag bag giveaways for events to high school reunion and wedding favors.

  • The new style jars is a hit!  Many of our repeat buyers, who have expressed how much they loved the old style bell shaped jars, have made their opinions known that they love the new style even more!  From the straight sides, the updated rectangular labels vs. the circular design to the lid which doubles as a coaster, the overwhelming positive response has made the once troubling and daunting task of finding new jars a smart move.  Thanks to all for your input and patience and feedback along the way!
  • 2019 was the year for wholesale for Destinations Scented Candles and owe much of that to the new website  In April, Destinations Scented Candles joined Faire which is a site dedicated to helping makers get in front of wholesale buyers.  For makers - artists and crafts small business that make handmade products, it is hard to get in front of wholesale buyers when the costs of doing trade shows and gift shows or even advertising in trade magazines is costly.  In adding to several new wholesale accounts we are hoping to continue to grow those numbers more in 2020.

Big things to expect for 2020

  • To get in front of as many people as possible to see and smell our candles, expect to find the Destinations Scented Candle booth setting shop at Made in Maryland/Handmade art and craft shows this Spring and later seasons.  We won't be doing shows every weekend, but only 1-2 shows a month.  We invite you take note of when those events are being held and come out - bring a friend, and see and smell with us!  Announcements for shows we will be doing can be found on our Facebook page, email newsletters, and our blog/wesbite. 

  • Destinations Scented Candles is taking steps to updating the private label page of the website for a more user friendly experience.  Expect to see more images of samples of private label candles, an updated form to fill out on the website to  get started on designing your candles today.  Additionally if you know of anyone needing a unique favor for a wedding or bridal show, corporate event like conventions or seminars, as well as high school reunion gifts to fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations, send them our way!  If you refer a friend and they purchase with us, we will email you a special discount code towards a free candle via our website!
  • January = trade show/gift show time and we are always looking to include more wholesale buyers from gift shop owners to subscription box owners to join the Destinations Scented Candles family. Shop at a cute Main Street gift shop and would like to see them carry our candle line, introduce them to us by mentioning our website or sending them a link to this blog post via email.   Information to buy wholesale can be found via this link - 
  • Expect to see some new and fun posts on our Facebook and Instagram.  We are more than ever committed to sharing one new photo 6 days a week showing ideas on where and how to burn your candles to get the most out of candle burning experience as well as tips and tricks to help them burn longer and of course, more safer too.  Our facebook page is and instagram handle is @destinations_scented_candles 

This is just the beginning of what to expect with Destinations Scented Candles.  Like the company and want to stay in the know, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook: !  Looking forward to seeing you at our next show, seeing your social media tags of us in using your candles/candle hauls, and other fun places online!

Happy New Year!

Michelle Sholund, owner

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