Reflections on Setting Up Shop at 2019 Local Farmers Markets

Greetings to all of our fans!  

Whether you found us browsing the internet and finding our website, received a gift of a candle from a friend or loved one or found us at a local farmers market.  Over the span of 11 years now Destinations Scented Candles has been setting up shop at all kinds of venues like pop-up shops, art and craft fairs, wine festivals as well as farmers markets like the Carroll County Farmers Market.  As 2019 is about to close, perhaps now is a good time to look back on our farmers market experience and share what it is like to be a vendor at one.

pointing to candles

1.  Genuine Kindness!  One of the best parts of selling at the Carroll County Farmers Market - as I am sure this statement rings true to other farmers markets, fellow vendors are super kind and thoughtful!  From holding doors open when lugging large loads of products, talk up your products with customers, even keeping an eye on your booth while stepping away for a bathroom break - fellow artisans and farmers look out for each other.

farmers market customers

2.  You can lead a horse to water...  Not everyone is looking for candles at a farmers market.  While our social media presence does alert our fans as to when we will be setting up at the farmers market - or other events, and sometimes that works, but that doesn't mean people will buy.  Some of this may be due to not having the same booth space every market.  While this can be a good way to encourage event goers to explore all vendors, others find if a vendor is not at the same space they leave or assume the business just isn't there anymore.

artisans at farmers market

3.  Great variety of farmers AND artists.  As a local artisan/maker business, we are always impressed by the high quality, variety of vendors - both from farmer and bakers, but artisans too.  For those who have never been to a farmers market, you are doing yourself a great disservice!  There is nothing like fresh local produce, local honey and farm fresh eggs - a true farm to table treat and so much healthier too.  Also farmers markets aren't just for farmers, but local craft artisans are incredible - from jam and jelly makers to pillow makers, soap makers, painters, floral arrangers, unique jewelry makers are just some of the people you can find at farmers markets.

4.  Competing events.   One thing that isn't easy for vendors is the fact that there are competing events.  For example, The downtown Westminster farmers market is held the exact same time and day as the Carroll county farmers market.  Also Saturday is a popular day for famers markets to occur.  This hurts vendors - especially farmers because they can't be a multiple markets at the same time and with so many other days of the week available, diversifying when markets occur would be beneficial to all.  

Summary in proceeding with 2020 events.  

In summary, while Destinations Scented Candles will be setting up at shows come 2020, we'll probably be doing less farmers markets. The key to the company's success is diversify and attend a variety of events not just farmers markets.  It is important to get in front of more and newer people that are part of our target market in various areas around the state.  Three ways to stay in the know about future events,

  1. Follow us on social media sites - like Facebook and Instagram,
  2. Join our email list
  3. Frequently come back to our website for listings of future shows under the "contact" page. 

Can't wait to see and serve you in 2020!

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