New! Now Making and Selling Antibacterial Hand Gel

New! Destinations Scented Candles now makes and sells antibacterial hand gel

The coronavirus has everyone on edge and acting desperately ranging in hoarding behaviors to trying cures not safe nor recommended by CDC and doctors. Having been self quarantined for nearly 2 months, the talk now is what will our new reality be like after practicing safe distancing is over.  What will be the new normal be like when it comes to our schools?  How will we be able to safely shop in retail stores and malls?  Will our offices and work environments be safe to work in once stay at home restrictions lift?  One thing that is guaranteed is that people will not slack on hand washing nor stop using hand sanitizer, but what happens when stores are out of this precious commodity?  

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This is where Destinations Scented Candles comes in - we wanted to try and come out with our own because we, like everyone else are finding our regular stores are sold out of anything and everything with an antibacterial label. When we saw that this lock down was going to be longer than 2 weeks, we looked at our own suppliers that cater to candle and soap makers and found one that was able to make their own alcohol base using 62% ethyl alcohol sourced from spirit distilleries in the United States.  We LOVE supporting made in the USA brands!  Additionally, other all natural ingredients that makes our blend stand out include:

  • moisturizers 
  • Vitamin B5 and E to help with the health of your skin
  • moisturizers
  • glycerine to prevent the drying effects of alcohol
  • essential oils for scent (lemon, balsam fir, and unscented) 
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So for the past two weeks we have been making our own brand of antibacterial hand gel - selling over 250 bottles (2.5 oz bottles)!  Customers love it saying what their favorite scent is or how they like the fact that their gel doesn't leave their hands feeling sticky or that it is fast drying.  We love it because when most antibacterial hand sanitizers are hard to find, we are able to provide it to people like you who may be immune compromised (or work with people who are) and hope to protect yourself (and others) from germs and bacteria.  Taking it a step further, as everyone starts to go back to work and the world opens back up again, no one will look at door handles, elevator buttons, and dollar bills the same constantly wondering what germs or bacterial is on it.  People will be and feel safe knowing they have antibacterial hand gel on hand using it along side with normal hand washing or even if soap and water is unavailable.  

* For more info about myths and facts regarding antibacterial sanitizers, check out this article - How Well Does Hand Sanitizer Work? Myths and Facts In the Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap Debate 




We just hope you consider supporting Destinations Scented Candles - a small local company that makes all items in the USA as well as support other made in the USA companies, when you need to get your own antibacterial hand gel as well as gifts like the hand poured candles, room sprays and wax tarts we make too.  For more info about the hand gel visit 

Stay safe everyone!

Michelle, owner of Destinations Scented Candles

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