2020 Spring Scent Collection - Destinations Scented Candles

Greetings candle lovers!  

We are super pleased to share with you a glimpse at what the spring scented candles collection looks like from us, Destinations Scented Candles!

Whether the goal is to chase the winter blues away, get into spring cleaning mode with clean scents, or just can't wait for spring to arrive, these scents will certainly please those with these needs.

1.  Key West Key Lime Pie

 When Key West calls, answer it!  Both the color and great lime scent is great for spring as it's citrus notes trigger energetic vibes making this a wonderful go to spring aroma.

2.  Carolina Clean Sheets

The Carolinas are a popular destination for relaxation - from the beaches to the mountains in the west.  Carolina Clean Sheets happens to be one of our top 3 best selling scents, due to the aroma captured in this jar that smells just like fresh air mixed with clean laundry hung on a clothes linen a sunny day.   

3.  Tahiti Tropical Waterfall

It's time to escape to Tahiti.  Tahiti is known for great beach views, Polynesian culture and topical hideaways leading to inviting waterfalls, which helped inspire this scent.  With one whiff the aroma of bamboo and tropical greenery mixed with fresh water notes of water lily and fresh fallen rain will help transport you to your own spring time  tropical oasis.

4.  New England Lighthouse Getaway

Looking for a spring adventure?  Consider visiting some of the New England states, where clean, fresh salty air invigorates the soul.  Inspired by picturesque seascapes featuring towering lighthouses all over New England, the aroma is refreshing with salty sea, ocean air - clean like fresh linen mixed soothing ocean notes.  

5. Baltimore Berry Blush

Spring is a great time to sightsee in Baltimore.  Spring flowering trees can be found all over the Inner Harbor and Ft. McHenry and fresh berries found at spring farmers markets.  Inspired by the wine festivals featuring local Maryland wines, with one whiff you'd think you are about to sip a sweet berry infused blush wine.  A very welcoming spring edition to any home.

Other spring scents in the spring collection...

 With a total of nine spring scents in the spring scent collection, others include Chesapeake Bay Coastal Shoreline, Colorado Crisp Mountain Air, and Dublin Shamrock Shenanigans.  For a complete listing of all the scents visit the Spring Collection Page of the company's website!  

We'd love to know, do you burn/use spring scented candles in or around your home?  Which ones are your favorite and why?  Comment below!

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