Discontinuing the 12 oz size vibe jar scented candles, now what?

For over 10 years Destinations Scented Candles has been hand pouring palm wax candles using a unique style bell shaped jar.  This is about to change!

Friday Sept. 6th, 2019 here at Destinations Scented Candles office we learned that the manufacturer of the jars we use for our candles is no longer making the 12 oz size - our most popular seller!  Rumors of this news started in June and up until Sept. 6th we have been able to order them.  Now we cannot due to the discontinuing of the jar.  Which leaves us in an odd predicament, now what?  

The choices are continue selling the 4 oz and 27 oz size candles OR find a new jar.  After a lot of analyzing and debating we have found the best solution is continue to make the two sizes until we have some time to test and decide on a new jar.  

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which a new jar will be best.  For us the deal breaker is we want to continue using our candle labels, the jars must have a lid, and we want to make sure the style of jar is similar to our original style as well.  This is a good  opportunity to use work with a new jar because a new style jar may be more affordable for our customers - both wholesale and retail customers as well as make our brand stand out more.  We are also considering whether we should have just one size or two?  For the rest of September we are narrowing our selection of jar options by testing those we have deemed our "finalists".  Of those finalists we are looking for a jar that produces the best burn quality -  which is top priority for our brand, label design - making sure the gorgeous look of the colorful  palm wax candles is not covered up by a large label, and ultimately price.  

Once we decide on a jar we will immediately make an announcement on the final choice and start production using the new jars.  Which leads to another question, how long will the old style be available for purchase?  Since the 12 oz size is discontinued, what reserves we have online and with the retailers we work with are the last we have in stock.  Once they are sold out, they will be gone for good.  As we start production on the new jars we will add them to our website with the old style jars starting in October where the traditional jars will be phased out and only the new jars will be available for purchase.  Being this is happening during our busy months of the holiday shopping season it is unknown now how long the old style of jars will be in stock.

This leads to another question...  Will Destinations Scented Candles be having a clearance sale?  At this time, no, because we will still be making the traditional candles we offer in the two remaining sizes until we decide on a new candle jar.  Once a decision on the new jars has been made, and enough stock is available for purchase, we will consider offering a discount on the old style of jars.   

This is a big deal for us and one that all here at Destinations Scented Candles are not rushing into, but taking careful consideration based on all input we received from our fans.  If you want to weigh in on what style of jars you would like us to use, sizes you like or do not want to see us offer, etc. please weigh in by commenting below!  We also are taking suggestions via our facebook page too!  We do read and consider all input when making our decisions so do know we value all suggestions and ideas!  

The next few weeks we will be sharing a lot of updates on this plus another big announcement regarding an additional new candle line we will be releasing come October 2019!  

~ Michelle Sholund, owner of Destinations Scented Candles

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