Destinations Scented Candles Announces a New Style of Jar Candle!

Destinations Scented Candles has a new style of jar candle and they are gorgeous!

Over the summer of 2019, Destinations Scented Candles made the hard decision to switch from a unique bell shaped jar candle to a new jar style due to the jar manufacturer discontinued the making of that jar.  Starting at the end of August the Destinations Scented Candles team started experimenting with all kinds of jars of different shapes and sizes to find the perfect one that checks off all the boxes that makes the company's candles stand out.  After 3 weeks of non-stop testing for burn quality and evenness, the ability to properly label the candles, and much more, a winner emerged.  Let's take a deeper look as to what made the new  straight sided jar stand out from the others!

1.  Wide opening with 2 wicks.  The new jar is sleek, cylinder in shape look with straight sides.  This is very different compared to the company's original bell shaped style jar where the opening of the jar was smaller and gradually increases in size towards the bottom.  This allows more air flow which is good for keeping a steady flame.  Also the new jars are made with 2 wicks instead of 1.  This is due to the larger width of the jar where one large wick tends to produce a large flame that does not fully melt the wax creating a pool that does not reach the sides of the glass, hence tunneling occurs.  Using 2 wicks that are a bit smaller produces a smaller flame yet double the heat where the flames flicker less creating a steadier smaller flame blowing the candle to burns more evenly and slower.  This means you get a longer burn time with the new jar too!

2.  New Label!  The new jar warranted a new label.  The original candles had a circular style label on the lid where the new jar shows the candle scent label and other information on the side yet doesn't impede on the colorful, frosty appearance of the wax.  While the layout of the label is similar to the old one, the rectangular size label is easier to read as well as tie in nicely with the other product creating uniformity with the company's room sprays and wax tarts. 

3.  Unique Lid with a Purpose!  Another striking difference with the new style jar is the silver flat lid.  The lid secures to the jar with a suction type closure that pulls off and snaps on unlike other jars that twist on and off.  Additionally, the new lid can easily double as a coaster for the candle when ready to burn

4.  Other fun facts!  The new jar size is 10 ounces in size and the candle burns for approximately 45 hours!  This new style of candle, which is 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches, is close to the old 12 ounce size yet yields a little more burn time due to the shape. The new palm wax candles continue to meet the company's mission statement, are super clean burning - no soot, with the great bold scents customers know and love, all backed by the company's constant and consistent test burning of samples over the past 2 months.  The cost?  An affordable $15.95.  A small price for a candle that is safe to burn, made by hand in the USA, as well as carefully designed with our customers input.  

Quite a bit of the traditional scents like fall and winter aromas are now available in the new 10 ounce candle via the Destinations Scented Candles website, and more such as our spring and summer scents will be added by the end of November 2019.    Feel free to comment below with your impressions, thoughts or testimonials too regarding the new candle!  

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