Best Selling 2019 Summer Scents at Destinations Scented Candles

Summer is here.. and we're ready to dive into those sweet scents of summer.  We're talking coastal beaches, tropical destinations and more!  At Destinations Scented Candles, our brand brings to life popular travel destinations using our original scents that magically transport you amazing places all over the world.  These aren't just candles or wax tarts, they are a vacation like experiences you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.  So let's look at a few top scent destinations...


Best Selling 2019 Summer Scents 

Tahiti Tropical Waterfall - Like a cool refreshing dip in a secluded lagoon in Tahiti, this tropical scent is a HUGE seller.  The spa like aroma is heavy on the "crisp green" elements such as fern, water lily, and even a hint of fresh grass, much like walking into a lush tropical greenhouse.  Additionally there are aquatic notes too!  Worth checking out!

Key West Key Lime Pie - Ahhh!  Key West and that wonderful desert - Key Lime Pie.  There's nothing like that refreshing, zesty taste of custard key lime filling and graham crust.  All of these element are in this scented candle.  Fans love the candle and buying the room spray too so the aroma can be experienced in the car and other places you can't burn a candle. 

Baltimore Berry Blush - It's a refreshing drink scent which has the great aroma of bold berries -  in season May - July, and sweet white wine.  This scent is inspired by the multiple wine festivals and wineries located all over Maryland.  Feedback from customers say it is as if you could drink summer - this is it!  Others love it because it is fun to burn as they enjoy a nice wine in the evening or light a candles for summer entertaining/garden parties.  Not only is it a customer favorite - it's an employee favorite too!

Jamaica Rum Punch - Like to mix your tropical destinations with the aroma of fun drinks served with cute little umbrellas?  Then you aren't alone!  Our Jamaica Rum Punch will have you imagining sitting poolside where the cabana boy keeps serving you a fun drink with notes of coconut, berries, citrus fruits, and a touch of papaya - it's a party for your nose.  Fans consistently claim this is just like the real deal reminding them of vacations to Jamaica.

Maui Pineapple Plantation - Ahh Hawaii  and ALOHA pineapples!  Inspired by the pineapple plantation tours on Maui, customers scramble for this scent as it is sooo true to nature - just like a fresh juicy, sweet pineapple.  Fans are "picking" up all three - candles, wax tarts and room sprays.  We love this spray in the car - anything to get you through work traffic (with a pineapple smoothie in hand) makes for an easier commute!       

Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches - Last but not least is our Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches!  Another true to nature scent!  Customers from all over can't get enough of this scent as one whiff literally makes their mouths water!  The color and the aroma of fresh juicy peaches is a big summer hit!


We'd like to know, what are your favorite summer scent?  Chime in with your answer in the comments!  Better yet, comment with your testimony if you have burned these candles and wax melts or room sprays!  

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