5 Steps Destinations Scented Candles is Protecting Customers Against Coronavirus

Hey everyone!  We are LONG overdue for getting new blog post, well... posted.  In being bombarded by everything COVID-19 related albeit in the news, everyones personal and news ports on the topic via facebook and the list goes on and on.  Then just as the nation - and the world reacts, business are posting updates about their reaction to the virus too - when they closed, how they are open but taking extra safety precautions to keep working - think carryout restaurants to businesses ramping up online sales.  You may be wondering where is Destinations Scented Candles stance in all of this?  What is this company doing to make me feel protected when I order candles or buy in person.  Based on CDC guidelines and what is working for other like minded companies, here's our answer...

5 Steps Destinations Scented Candles is Protecting Customers Against Coronavirus.

  1. We are wearing masks.  For the most part - from production to shipping - the company is a one person operation, but that doesn't stop me and potentially others who come in contact with me or the products from wearing masks for our protection and others.
  2. Frequent washing hands AND using hand sanitizer.  Throughout the day we are washing our hands albeit it from using office supplies and computers to packing orders, we are washing our hands.  Between activities that may have us come in contact with something cross contaminating, such as carrying an product from production to then be wrapped and shipped, we are sanitizing our hands to ensure products from one stage of production does not contaminate another as well as workers/helpers.
  3. Disinfecting surfaces.  Several times a day on high contact surfaces we are disinfecting surfaces such as office equipment, counters, etc.  Lower contact surfaces get disinfected 2 times a day, once before we start work and then at the end of the day when we close for the day.  This also goes for events we attend such as the farmers market in Westminster, MD.
  4. Created new procedures for smelling candles in person.  We find ourselves constantly using the phrase - "who knew in a million years we would have to think about ___".  In this instance the topic is how to tell customers how to safely smell a candle when shopping in person.  Knowing right out of the gates, in order to buy a candle you need to know what it smells like to then know if it is the right one for you. So how can one do this safely in coronavirus times?  We go back to the basics!  Before anyone picks up a candle, they must use hand sanitizer.  The second step is to remove the lid and then smell the inside of the lid.  We find it best to swirl the lid in front of you to get the aroma in the area and then smell the lid and carefully do not touch the lid to your nose.  Then when finished test smelling the candle, safely put the candle down away from the others so any possibly contaminated surface can be wiped down or use a special UV light to disinfect the touched areas of the candle.
  5. We started making and selling hand sanitizer.  In the beginning of the pandemic everyone was left to fend for themselves for things like toilet paper, disinfectants, and yes hand sanitizer.  We were in that same boat when we heard rumors of ways to make your own hand sanitizer.  Well, supplies to make your own were also scarce or expense however decided to turn to our candle suppliers to see if anyone was selling the hand sanitizer base and luckily enough we did.  After buying up the base, which is made in a lab in the US under FDA regulations, and doing our best to source bottles and design labels, we started offering our own hand sanitizer.  To be different we wanted ours to address the issue of making sure it didn't dry out hands - so we made sure ours has natural moisturizers and vitamins to help with good skin health.  Also we wanted it to be travel size since most of the ones people can find are at least 16 oz or more and not easy to have in your purse or in your car or take on a plane (for when flying is safe again).  Lastly, we wanted it to smell nice - no harsh alcohol smell, so we added pure essential oils to ours for a pleasant aroma that also does not harm the skin.  We use our brand every day, during and after work and we have sold over 1,000 bottles where customers are loving it too.

As much as we may be fed up over all things corona virus - wear a mask vs. don't wear a mask and dealing with the reality of loved ones have lost their lives due to this pandemic, above all we have to protect each other and that is our main goal here at Destinations Scented Candles.  We are here to serve you and ensure your safety.  If you have any questions about our practices, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page, Facebook or email us!  Thanks!  We are all in this together!  - Michelle Sholund, owner.


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