2 New Scents Announced from Destinations Scented Candles

Destinations Scented Candles has two new scents they just released and is now available for sale on their website.  

Always working on new fragrances, this candle company doesn't disappoint in the candle making department when it comes to creating unique scents and pairing them with popular travel destinations.  These new scents are not necessarily seasonal in nature - meaning great year around, so let's have a look, I mean smell...

1.  Dublin Shamrocks Shenanigans.  A great minty green colored candle that has an amazing fresh greenery scent using elements of clover, fresh cut grass and even a hint of crisp apple.  Ireland lovers will totally fall in love with this one as it really feels like touring Ireland seeing the lush green hills and exploring charming castles.

2.  Northlands Lakeside Cabin.  For those who love the great outdoors - hiking, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, and cabin, this new scent is for you!  With just one whiff you can immediately pick up notes of musk and cedar followed by patchouli, crisp water elements and a hint of geranium.  Staff is already in love with this as not only does it smell like a great cabin retreat but has that manly rustic cologne allure too.  

The thrill of adventure is one aspect that makes traveling so appealing.  Candles as well - which often trigger old memories, are for a fun way to experience aromas in a new way.  When the  two are put together Destinations Scented Candles comes in - creating a perfect marriage of travel and great scented candles making for unique experience to explore fun places in a brand new way.  These two new aromas will not disappoint!  Get them now via www.destinationsscentedcandles.com and feel free to comment below with your person experience with these candles or others by Destinations Scented Candles.

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