10 Ideas On How To Use Private Label Candles To Stand Out From The Crowd

When people learn Destinations Scented Candles offers private labeling and custom candle options, eyes light up.  Designing unique scented products opens the door for creating a brand identity that can make marketing a business or special event stand out.  

How does scent marketing works?  In an article titled Follow Your Nose to Enhanced Customer Experiences via ama.org, they state, "As the sense of smell acts directly to the limbic system, it deals with instinctive or automatic behaviors and immediately evokes memories and feelings without being filtered and analyzed by the brain."  Accordingly, the sense of smell has strong effects on memory, emotions, and moods, as well as on the buying behavior in retail stores. Furthermore, by targeting smell, customers can feel more connected to the company, and thus, evoke feelings of attachment to the brand."  Make sense?  So, what can be done with custom/private label candles or room sprays?  Here's some inspiration! Check out our top 10 ideas on unique ways to use private label candles to stand out from the crowd.       


  1. Giveaways at expos/conventions. Individual tea lights in 3x5 clear bags labeled with a special message with a business card inside makes a long lasting impression for event goers.  
  2. Free gift for boutique shop owners.  Draw customers to a sale or event with a free gift incentive of a 4 pack of tea lights or 4 oz candle to the first 25 or 50 customers who arrive.  Studies show people who receive something free often reciprocate usually in the form of making a purchase or word of mouth advertising.    
  3. Affordable wedding favors.  Wedding favors can be a cinch and affordable with a personalized 4 oz candle complete with photo of the newlyweds complete with candles in the wedding colors as a great memento commemorating the special day.
  4. Business card booster.  Just like in example one, business cards inserted into clear bags with individual tea lights are great to give out at networking events or after meeting a client to remember your contact information.
  5. Scent marketing.  A big trend in marketing is scent marketing which involves tying a particular scent with a business.  Hotels, retailers, restaurants, and casinos have embraced this and you can too. Custom room sprays as well as candles like lavender or sage used in waiting rooms of doctors offices or at yoga studios is just one example to explore.   
  6. One of a kind products to sell at gift shops.  With competition from Big Box Stores and other nearby shops carrying similar items, gift shop owners  turning more to personalized/private label gifts.  Items that can only be bought at one store  for their stores to stand out and get repeat customer traffic.  
  7. Customer/employee appreciation gift.  Customers like to know they are special, and businesses know if it weren't for their customers, they wouldn't be where they are now. A specialty made custom gift like a 4 oz or 12 oz candle given out at a holiday party or special business event, goes a long way in showing that appreciation.
  8. Thank you gift.  Candles make great thank you gifts for those who attend an event - from vendors or family and friends.  The gesture can motivate people to RSVP faster and more often for future events too.   
  9. Sale incentive.  Shop owners use BOGO and seasonal sales to get people in and buy.  Have sales go further with custom candles like adding tea lights added to shipping boxes (for those who sell online) or incentivize the sale where if customer buy $50 or more of products, they get a free gift at the check out in the form of a 4 oz candle.  People love free stuff!
  10. Word of mouth/referral marketing.  Just like in previous examples, giving candles to people you encounter, is a nice gesture.  Rewarding people with a simple custom candle truly solidifies business relationships.
Feel inspired?  Have questions about the process to get your own private labeled candle or other scented gift?  Great!  Visit our Custom/Private Label pages for more information and first steps to get the ball rolling!

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