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Destinations Scented Candles specializes in destination inspired scented candles made with 100% sustainable palm wax.  Our unique brand of candles are your clean burning, eco-friendly ticket to experience popular travel destinations in a brand new way.   Learn more about how our original, true to nature aromas help rekindle cherished vacation memories today.

Fruits, Baked Goods, and more!

Farmer's Market Scents

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This is what our fans say about our candles...

These candles smell wonderful... The Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches and Amish Country Cinnamon Rolls literally make make my mouth water!

Rita, Westminster, MD

I LOVE New York Apple Orchard!  All of them smell great when burning or just left alone unlit.  They truly do burn clean - definitely a plus!

Lizzie, Maryland

I was instantly drawn to the look of these candles as I love how they sparkle.  I also like that they are eco-friendly and smell amazing!

Cathy, Pennsylvania

Get ready for summer

The Tropics are Calling!

Grab our unique Jamaica or Bali inspired scented candles to help you escape to your tropical paradise no matter what you do this summer!

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Burn time break down

Our candles are long lasting

4 oz - 15 hours

12 oz - 40 hours

27 oz - 80 hours.