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 Destinations Scented Candles is a small  business located in Maryland specializing in hand poured scented candles made from 100% sustainably sourced palm wax.   All of our candles and scented products are true to nature in aroma, clean burning and inspired by popular travel destinations.  These aren't just candles, room sprays, and wax tarts, but an adventure for the senses.  Explore our scent collections now!

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Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

How do you fend off germs and bacteria when you don't have access to soap and water? Anti-bacterial hand gel is a rinse free answer. Fits in your purse, great for the car, or camping/hiking!

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Hello Summer! Get beachy with these great scents!

Tahiti Tropical Waterfall

The great aroma water flowing over tropical greenery and bamboo is just like visiting a tropical lagoon with a peaceful waterfall in Tahiti.

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Chesapeake Bay Coastal Shoreline

You can just picture the salty sea spray while boating along the bay when one takes a whiff of this great scent.

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Jamaica Rum Punch

With one whiff one can picture themselves relaxing on the breach sipping a tropical fruity cocktail while hearing reggae rhythms in the distance.  Hello Jamaica!

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Maui Pineapple Plantation

Hawaii is famous for it's pristine beaches, hula and Hawaiian music, and fresh pineapple!  This scent captures the aroma of fresh pineapple so well you'll want to eat it!

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Palm wax candles are not my usual go to candle, but tried the New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade.  Gorgeous candle.   Nice burn.  Long Lasting!  Really good scent throw - fruity and fun!  

Andrea, candle reviewer from candlefind.com

These candles smell wonderful... The Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches and Amish Country Cinnamon Rolls literally make make my mouth water!

Rita, Westminster, MD

I LOVE New York Apple Orchard!  All of them smell great when burning or just left alone unlit.  They truly do burn clean - definitely a plus!

Lizzie, Maryland

I received the Chesapeake Bay Coastal Shoreline candle yesterday and burned it immediately.  The candle is wonderfully scented and burns nicely!

Kim, Rhode Island

Our candles are inspired and named after popular travel destinations. Browse by Region and Season

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