Travel inspired candles

wax tarts, room sprays, and antibacterial hand gel

Attention! Jar shortage!

Due to issues relationed to COVID-19, we are unable to get any more jars at this time to make new candles. The supplier is out of stock and it is unknown as of Oct. 20th, 2020 when they will be in stock. We are in the process of updating our inventory to reflect what is available for purchase and what is out of stock. If you have any questions about availablity of candles please email us at

Destinations Scented Candles...

... is a small candle manufacturing business located in Maryland.  Our unique brand of hand poured scented candles and wax tarts, made from 100% certified sustainably sourced palm wax, also includes scented antibacterial hand gel.  The palm wax candles are plant based and eco-friendly - no trees are harmed in the process.  Standing out from the crowd, palm wax has a natural frosty appearance, come in a large array of bold colors, it's very hard and will withstand the summer heat, and has an amazing hot and cold scent throw.  These clean burning candles are true to nature in aroma inspired by popular travel destinations.  Explore our scent collections now!

Hello Autumn

Fall scented candles are here!

Taste the juicy Macintosh apples of the New York Apple Orchard or bring the outdoors in with the aroma of oak and cider in the Adirondack Autumn Leaves candle. Shop our collection now!

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Be safe and smell amazing too

NEW Fall/Winter Scented Antibacterial Hand Gel

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Hand poured in small batches

Handmade in Maryland

Say no to soot!

Our eco-friendly candles are clean burning

True to life aromas

Escape to your next adventure today!

Made with sustainably sourced
Malaysian palm oil

giving our candles a natural crystal appearance

Our candles are inspired and named after popular travel destinations. Scents are categorized by region and season!

Testimonials and Reviews

Palm wax candles are not my usual go to candle, but tried the New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade.  Gorgeous candle.   Nice burn.  Long Lasting!  Really good scent throw - fruity and fun!  

Andrea, candle reviewer from

These candles smell wonderful... The Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches and Amish Country Cinnamon Rolls literally make make my mouth water!

Rita, Westminster, MD

I LOVE New York Apple Orchard!  All of them smell great when burning or just left alone unlit.  They truly do burn clean - definitely a plus!

Lizzie, Maryland

I'm in love with the Chesapeake Bay Coastal Shoreline candle I received yesterday.  I burned it immediately. It is wonderfully scented and burns nicely!

Kim, Rhode Island

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